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Our CNX smart home products provide you and your loved ones safety, security, and convenience so you may Live More, Worry Less.

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Learn More, Worry Less

Watch as we unbox our CNX smart home devices combined with a brief know-how for each so you may Learn More, Worry Less

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Love More, Worry Less

There’s no greater feeling than the love of family. Watch how our young couple lives a worry-free life by living smart with CNX for Home so they may Love More, Worry Less

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We’ll watch over your home, loved ones, and pets – so you can maximize your time and attention in ways you never thought possible

Smart Living for the Filipino

We believe that when every Filipino lives smarter, happiness and growth will follow.

Smart Home Floor Plan​
Discover how to upgrade into a smart home
by reaching out to one of our technical consultants
Discover which perfect device suits your lifestyle

Smart Plug

Ideal for medium to large households with
lots of appliances and devices because you can turn everything on and off using your smartphone.


The uHoo Indoor Air
Quality Sensor provides a fully comprehensive analysis of the air quality you breathe so you can enjoy a clean, fresh, healthy air at home.

Air Purifier

It has UV sterilization and a cold catalyst filter. You can stop formaldehyde and other harmful gases that may lead to infections.

IP Camera

The Smart IP Camera is an indoor ‘Plug and Play’ security camera that has an intercom built with a 2 way audio feature.
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Start Living Smart with CNX for Home
Smart Home Security Device: IP Camera
Smart Home Security Device: Air Purifier
Smart Home Security Device: Smart Plug
Smart Home Security Device: Door & Window Sensor

Smart Home Security Device: Emergency Button

Smart Home Security Device: Mini Hub

Smart Home Security Device: Motion Sensor

Smart Home Security Device: Smoke Sensor

Episode 1: Where's the remote? (IR Blaster)

Episode 2: Sister-in-Law (Buddee AC Smart Plug)

Episode 3: Huli Ka! (Smart Motion Sensor / Door and Window Sensor)

Episode 4: Anniversary (Smart Smoke Sensor)

Episode 5: Goodnight (Smart Plug)

Episode 6: Labor Day (Emergency Button)

Episode 7: Aller Jeez (Smart Air Purifier)

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